License Upgrade

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What is License Upgrade?

Epikton’s License Upgrade category is dedicated to providing an easy and accessible way for potential and existing customers to acquire the necessary licenses for using Epikton’s music.

This category caters to two types of customers: those who have used Epikton’s music without a license and wish to purchase one, and those who have previously purchased a license and would like to upgrade it.

After your purchase, simply send your YouTube video link to for whitelisting. It is important to note that the title of the track is not a factor in this category, and can be used for any Epikton track.

Take the next step in using Epikton’s music in a legally compliant manner by exploring the Licensing Category.


License Upgrade is a category that makes it easy for customers to acquire licenses for using Epikton’s music. It’s for those who previously used the music without a license or who want to upgrade their existing license.