Why Using Licensed Music is Essential for Your Videos

As a content creator, whether you’re a YouTuber, streamer, or filmmaker, you understand the importance of using music to enhance your content. But did you know that using unlicensed music can lead to copyright claims and potential legal trouble? That’s why it’s essential to use licensed music in your videos. Here are some reasons why using licensed music is essential for your videos:

Avoid Copyright Claims

Using unlicensed music in your videos can result in copyright claims or even takedowns. Copyright holders have the right to protect their intellectual property, and using their music without permission can result in consequences. By using licensed music, you can avoid these issues and focus on creating great content.

High-Quality Music

Licensed music is often created by professional musicians and producers, meaning that the quality of the music is typically higher than free music options. High-quality music can make your videos more engaging and enjoyable to watch, which can lead to increased visibility as viewers are more likely to watch and share your content.

Support Artists

By using licensed music, you’re supporting the artists and creators behind the music. Licensed music requires payment, and that payment goes to the people who created it. By using licensed music, you’re helping to ensure that artists and creators are compensated for their work.

Brand Identity

Licensed music can also help you establish a brand identity for your channel or content. By consistently using music that reflects your style, genre, or niche, you can create a distinct identity that sets you apart from other creators and makes you more memorable to viewers.

Improved Monetization

Using licensed music can also improve your monetization potential. Platforms like YouTube have strict policies when it comes to copyrighted material, and using licensed music can help ensure that your content is eligible for monetization. Additionally, licensed music often has clearer rules surrounding its use in commercial content, which can make it easier to monetize your content without facing any legal issues.

Legitimacy and Professionalism

By using licensed music, you demonstrate that you take your content creation seriously and are willing to invest in it. This can help build your reputation and make you stand out as a professional in your field. It also shows that you respect the work of other artists and are willing to compensate them for their talent.

How to License Epikton’s Music

If you’re convinced that using licensed music is the way to go for your content, licensing Epikton’s music is a great option and it’s a straightforward process.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Browse the music store categories and select the desired track by its title and the appropriate license option in the relevant category.
  2. Add the selected track to your cart, proceed to the checkout page and finalize the purchase.
  3. Once the transaction is completed, a download link for the track will be displayed.
  4. An email containing the download link and a unique music license certificate will be automatically sent to the email address provided during the checkout process.

With a licensed track from Epikton, you can create content without the fear of getting hit with copyright claims, while also benefiting from the increased legitimacy, reach, and engagement that licensed music can provide.