• The Swarm
  • Biochemical Mutation
  • Metaphysical Anomaly
  • Triangle of Fear
  • Enigmatic Machine
  • Death is Chasing
  • Bloodlust

This is a cinematic trailer music album for horror movies. The general feelings are fear, scary, spooky, creepy, evil, dangerous, and thriller. It features atmospheric dark ambiance pads with scary sound effects, alarming sound designs, human whispering effects, stutter risers, downers and action drums.

The intros begin with a mysterious, unfamiliar vibe that conveys fear. It adds up to tension until intercepted by a downer effect and releases the tension. The buildup introduces drums and speeds up the tempo until a strange-sounding riser builds a bridge between the outro.

The outros feature a piercing alarm sound design that conveys a feeling of urgency. Surprising braaam and bwaa sounds hit unexpectedly. Alarming sounds have a dynamic pitch that sounds creepy and unpredictable. There is one last boom impact after the climax.

Ideal for cinematic trailers, film soundtracks, movie trailers, teasers, video games, gaming broadcast on youtube, horror stories, scary videos.


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