• Acceleration Zone
  • Artery Of Steel
  • Chaos Timer
  • Digital Transcendence
  • Collapsed Control
  • Chrono Crisis
  • Mechanized Monolith
  • Rampage Warning

“Artificial Armageddon” is a new album that explores the world of A.I dystopia through the power of sound design, action-packed trailer music. With a unique blend of intense, powerful, sci-fi, and dark elements, this album takes you on a journey through a world ruled by machines.

The album features a hybrid sound that fuses orchestral and electronic elements to create a cinematic experience. The tracks are designed to evoke emotions of fear, anxiety, and tension, as you navigate a world where machines have taken over.

From the thunderous percussion to the pulsating synths, every element of “Artificial Armageddon” is carefully crafted to immerse you in a dystopian world. The album’s powerful and dynamic sound is perfect for use in film trailers, video games, and other media where you want to create an intense and immersive experience.

Overall, “Artificial Armageddon” is a must-listen for fans of sci-fi, action, and intense sound design. With its unique blend of orchestral and electronic elements, this album will take you on a thrilling journey through a world dominated by machines.

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