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Echoes Of The Apocalypse | Download Preview

To Hell And Back | Download Preview

The Courage Gate | Download Preview

Epicentrum Protector | Download Preview

At The Edge Of Time | Download Preview

Death by A Thousand Bullets | Download Preview

The Age of Glory | Download Preview

Struggle for Survival | Download Preview

A Story of Courage | Download Preview

The Last One Standing | Download Preview

We Are All Legends | Download Preview

Forged In Hellfire | Download Preview

Battle of Gods | Download Preview

Battle of Two Worlds | Download Preview

Catastrophic Warfare | Download Preview

Chains of Freedom | Download Preview

Conspiracy Theory | Download Preview

Dawn Of The Machines | Download Preview

Destiny | Download Preview

Fall of Europe | Download Preview

Fearless Warrior | Download Preview

In The Mind Of Our | Download Preview

Mind Of A Warrior | Download Preview

The Glare of Victory On My Sword | Download Preview

The Plot Twist | Download Preview

The Revenge | Download Preview

To the Sky | Download Preview

Wings of Fire | Download Preview


The Epic category showcases cinematic trailer music that blends the grandeur of orchestral staccato strings with modern sound designs, powerful trailer impacts, choir, action drums, pulses, risers, and downers. The result is a powerful and emotive sound that captures the heroic spirit of epic storytelling.

With a main mood that is epic, heroic, patriotic, skeptical, questioning, and daring, the music in our Epic category is perfect for a wide range of projects, from post-apocalyptic landscapes to hero’s journeys, doomsday scenarios, and the triumphant victory of an army rising from the ashes.

Epikton’s epic stock music is ideal for cinematic movie trailers, big video game productions, action scenes, documentaries, and YouTube gaming broadcasts. Whether you’re looking to create an emotional connection with your audience or simply need a powerful and inspiring soundtrack to drive your project forward, our Epic category has everything you need to succeed.

With expertly crafted music tracks that combine the best of traditional orchestral music with modern sound design, our Epic category will help you to create a truly unforgettable experience for your viewers. So why wait? Explore our collection today and start creating your next masterpiece!

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